Peruvian Pima Cotton is synonymous of quality, softness, strength and shine. Used since the Pre-Inca days to make works of art recognized for its high quality standard and durability.

Perú Pima, is a company founded over 24 years ago in Lima, Peru. Oriented to produce fabrics and terry cloth with cotton fibers or polyester blends for the manufacture of luxury bedding collections and a wide range of towels and bathrobes.

Its technological innovation has made it possible to offer high-quality fabrics dyed and printed, adapting to the specific requirements of each customer. It also has the quality certification ISO 9001 - 2008 ensuring quality in all production and administrative processes.

Peru Pima is a vertical integrated company that allows feeding itself in all its processes since it has its own spinning, weaving, finishing and garment plant. This is how Peru Pima realizes better quality controls in each and every one of their production processes.

A wide variety of finished products are offered such as bed linens with dyed or printed finishing using fabrics of 100% cotton, 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton and polyester blends with densities up to 800 threads per square inch. On the other hand, Peru Pima also manufactures 100% cotton towels, bathroom floors and plush robes with dobby patterns and Jacquard fabrics to suit the requirements of each customer.

In Peru Pima we take the purity of Peruvian Pima Cotton in the production of high quality fabrics for making products that guarantee an experience of wellness, luxury and comfort that will last a lifetime.

Peruvian Pima Cotton is a piece of Peru that we bring to the world. A Peru with history and future, a Peru that is generous with a special connection to the land. Proudly we share the best of our land with you.

Where to buy

24 years manufacturing under the highest quality standards.

Production Process

We are a vertically integrated company with 4 essential production processes.

  • Spinning
    Spinning mill is a complete automated line of production. Cotton and polyester bales are received and processed in different lines to obtain a high quality yarn. Lines starts in the blow room where automated bale openers pick up the fiber, clean and blend it, then there is carding with today’s technology. Draw frames, ring spinning ranges and open end machines are all ultimate in technology for today’s yarn quality requirement.
  • Weaving
    Weaving plant is state of the art with an advanced technology which includes direct and sectional warping machines, ultimate technology in sizing machines and double width ultra-high speed looms up to 3.60 meters wide in air jet technology and grippers, also count with electronic Jacquard looms that allow to weave the more sophisticated designs of the industry in towels and flat fabrics.
  • Finishing
    Finishing lines include impregnation and washing ranges for double width fabrics, rotary and flat bed screens printing lines with high temp fixation of colors; and dyeing machines for dyeing in rope and open weave. It also includes stenter frame lines for drying and 3.20 meters wide calenders for final finishing of the fabric.
  • Cut and Sew
    In cut and sew line, there are sewing machines and embroiderers for the finishing the sheets and towels, with quality controls online and a final quality control of the finished garment by highly qualified staff.

Environmental care

- Effluent treatment plant.
- Mitigation of noise by the use of exhaust mufflers exiting the environment.
- Lint filters all over production area.
- Automated Vacuum Cleaning travelers over the machines.
- Steam generation based on natural gas.
- Waste is disposed of through formal enterprises.
We care for the environment Standards of Quality

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001: 2008, developed by the International Organization for Standarization (ISO), specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS), which can be used for internal application by private or public organizations, whatever its size, for certification or for contractual purposes.